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Blog posts of '2016' 'May'

scar's Very Own Label.m Ambassadors
Two of scar's super stylists, Leandi and Salome, have recently been given the opportunity of becoming Label.m Ambassadors by Label.m South Africa, and we couldn't be any prouder!

Read on for an interview with Leandi and Salome about Label.m, scar, and advice for aspiring stylists (amongst other stuff).
Kanye is a Giant Tosser. Let's Move On.
Kan jy vir Kanye?
Limited Edition GHDs Available at Scar
Blow everyone else's hair back with these limited edition GHDs.
Blonde and Ginger on our Building
You may have noticed new signage on our black is back building recently.

Byadafull models, a skilled stylist and a machine photographer make it easy.




Another scar Stylist in South African Hairdressers Journal
Brittny gives SAHJ the low-down on which colours are hot & trendy this year.
Kevin Murphy Smooth Me Set
We've got another special on the go ... this time on a Kevin Murphy Smooth Me set.
Explore Our Widow Maker Barbershop In Glorious 3D (No Need for 3D Glasses)
See the amazing space that is our Widow Maker barbershop - all in immersive 360 degree 3D.

No Face To Hyde
Evo Sets Now Available at scar Online
Calm, Care & Volume.

Important things in life.

But also the names of scar's three gift sets from Evo!
EVOX In-Salon Treatment Special
For the cost of a couple of cappuccinos, you can come get an ENTIRE in-salon treatment at scar!