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scar International Education presents SLATE HAIR
H2O dear!
We are trying to find sustainable solutions that we can implement, that really work and that also have the minimum effect on day to day running. Most importantly, solutions that keep our clients happy and our staff employed.
scar's 15 Minutes of Fame
Images from our segment at Coty's Annual Awards in South Africa this year.
Widow Maker Turns Two
Our barbershop is all grown-up already!
scar Gothic Friday
50% off all REF products today only!
Sophia Returns!
World-famous stylist Sophia Hilton was back in town to present her Balayage and Perfect Bleed courses at scar!
scar hit Jammie Plaza (remember that place?) last month in support of a good cause.
Widow Maker Making Waves
Our barbershop has been getting a bit of publicity lately!
Hairing is caring at Harrington's.
scar Flava for our Harringtons neighbour
A Brush that IS a Straightener?! Introducing the Ikoo E-styler
Ikoo are back with an all-new brush collection, plus an awesome brush/straightener E-styler device!