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We Have Got Our Salon Hands Onto Some SUPER Sunglasses


These sunglasses come from that birthplace of all that is fashionable and stylish and no, I don’t mean they come from Giovannis ina Greenpoint, Italy, these actually come from the real Italy - and are made by a company with a capital letter name: RETROSUPERFUTURE.

Our SUPER range is made with acetate plastic, which is extremely light and has good flexibility, making them a lot more durable than standard plastic glasses.

The SUPER range also features lenses which have been tested by ZEISS laboratories, thus passing the ZEISS stringent optical requirements to offer you a sharp and protected vision (whatever that means).

Tjiek them out next time you're in-salon or online at Die Winkel because, to be blunt:'s bright outside - you need sunglasses.

These actually come from the real Italy

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